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Imagine a world where going to work fills you up, gives you energy and fulfilment that spills out into your home life, your community, and the wider world

Maartje Fennande Woohoo Happiness at work

Workplace happiness and wellbeing are more important than ever

Organizations have an important shared responsibility to create a healthy, motivating environment for their employees. Thankfully, organizations are increasingly focusing on workplace happiness and discovering that the return on investment can be substantial. From reduced employee turnover and absenteeism to increased productivity and innovation, happy employees are perhaps an organization’s best untapped resource and competitive advantage.

How do you build a workplace where Happiness at Work is the norm? Join the Woohoo Happiness at work Community and CHO training to learn how.

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How to start building towards Happiness at work

Woohoo Happiness at work Community

The Woohoo Happiness at work Community is a lively community of Happiness at Work professionals and fans that share expertise, research, collaboration, events and training on all things related to happiness at work.

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Woohoo Happiness at work Academy

The Woohoo CHO training is an in-depth training filled with science and practical tools to make Happiness at Work a reality in your workplace!  Just think of us as your one-stop shop for workplace happiness and wellbeing!

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Who is Woohoo Unlimited?

Woohoo Unlimited and the Woohoo Community are led by Maartje Jansen and Fennande van der Meulen from the Netherlands. They are also the founders of Happy Office (in 2016), they train Happiness at Work experts in how to enhance happiness in organisations and build Positive Work culture. Their book The Happy Office Manifesto is published in the Netherlands and in the USA. Maartje and Fennande are also the initiators of the International Week of Happiness at Work, that is celebrated in over 50 countries

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