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This year we have a lot of great speakers that join us during the international Week of Happiness at Work for a Live Webinar or a pre-recorded interview. Plus some golden oldies that you do not want to miss.

Want access to all of these interviews, video’s, cheatsheets and exercises? Then join the Woohoo Happiness at Work Community. Want to know what the Community has to offer next to this years International Week of Happiness at Work program? Take a look here.

Contact us if you want to connect with us to discuss if this is for you.

The International Week of Happiness at Work is hosted by Woohoo Unlimited on their Community Platform. Free access for 30 days! So join us to learn more about the latest research, the contributors of Happiness at Work and many more.

An overview of all the speakers & workshops:

Day 1: Happiness at Work: What contributes to Happiness?

  1. The Four Pillars of Happiness at Work by Happy Office – video
  2. Happiness at Work Challenge: Day 1: What makes you happy at Work?
  3. Oriana Tickell iOpener & Fennande van der Meulen Happy Office about what contrbutes to Happiness, 5 C’s and 4 P’s
  4. Interview with Emiliana Simon-Thomas about the Science of Happiness and PERK model
  5. Positive Psychology: the top 5 interventions that increase your Happiness at Work: video
  6. Learnings from the Positive Psychology Conference ’23 with Arlette Bentzen
  7. Interview with JoAnna Brandi, CHO and Author
  8. Interview Richard Clarke; how to build a Happy Workplace (best practice)

Day 2: Purpose

  1. Challenge day 2: Pillar Purpose
  2. Join us today for a Round Table on Happiness at Work
  3. Purpose: the end of procrastination, an interview with Peter Ludwig
  4. Johnson&Johnson’s Credo: How a 75 year old document creates meaning for employees today, with Tim Vanherck
  5. A conversation about Purpose with Arthur Woods, Sarah Metcalfe and Maartje Jansen

Day 3: People

  1. Challenge day 3: Pillar People
  2. Recording of the chat with Alexander Kjerulf about Happiness at Scandinavian Workplaces
  3. Recording of live session 27 sept: Learn more about the International Research data on Happiness at Work by iOpener
  4. Interview with Kay Formanek: DEI expert
  5. A forgotten group in DEI Programs: childless people. An interview with Julia Formonova
  6. Time for Pay-Equity! An interview with Marie Claude Arguin by Sheona McGraw
  7. DEI for start-ups and small businesses: an interview with Kai McKinney by Sheona McGraw
  8. Theory of Psychological Safety explained in 24 minutes by Maartje and Fennande!
  9. Jennifer Moss – the important role of trust for creating a happy workplace

Day 4: Progress

  1. Challenge day 4: Progress
  2. Workplace design: Interview with dr Sophie Keller: how does design help to perform and be happy at work?
  3. Interview with Julie Winkle Giulioni: How to have a great conversation to get better results
  4. Interview with Lisa Zevi: a practica model to get more out of your workday
  5. Interview with Sarah Sparks: Three useful tips to stay on top of your day

Day 5: Positivity + How to make Happiness a sustainable part of business?

  1. Challenge day 5: positivity
  2. Positivity: potential disadvanteges
  3. Positivity: how to do it? On the personal, team and organisational level
  4. Supercharge Your Health! With Julie Wren
  5. Exercise: stop start continue
  6. Exercise: your energy battery
  7. The sustainable Strategy: work on culture: 4 steps for cultural change
  8. How to build a successful organisation: a conversation with Aurelie Litynski and Maartje Jansen
  9. Interview Jitske Kramer: How to create workcultures in which people can flourish
  10. Interview with Bev Kaye: How a positive work culture makes your best people stay