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Woohoo Unlimited welcomes Alex Kjerulf to their Advisory Board

By 25 March 2022No Comments

The world of workplace happiness just got a little bit brighter.

Woohoo Unlimited, a global leader in creating happy and healthy workplaces since 2003, announced today the appointment of Alex Kjerulf to serve on its Advisory Board. As the original founder of Woohoo and as bestselling author of “Happy Hour is 9 to 5” and “Leading with Happiness”, Alex brings a wealth of expertise, strategic insight and passion that will no doubt propel Woohoo one step closer to achieving its vision of a world where happiness at work is the rule rather than the exception.

“It’s great to be able to stay connected with the movement to create a better world of work” says Alex. “Joining in this advisory capacity means I’m in a better position to provide high-level, strategic support to the Woohoo partnership, without getting involved in the actual management or day-to-day operation of the business. You know, although I stepped down as CEO of Woohoo two years ago, I never stopped championing the important work of Woohoo and its amazing partners, so I couldn’t be happier that we’ve found a way to formalize my role going forward. I’m also really looking forward to getting a bit more involved in building Woohoo’s visibility at the international level, wherever it makes sense – whether that means writing articles for the website, or presenting a keynote on behalf of Woohoo, or something else entirely.”

Equally enthusiastic about this new role for Alex are the 6 women – hailing from the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Canada – who make up Woohoo’s executive leadership team. “We’re thrilled to have Alex step into this advisory role. It’s thanks to his vision over 20 years ago that we’ve been so successful with the Woohoo Partnership – a network of over 120 workplace happiness and wellbeing professionals working in over 30 countries. And interestingly, ever since the pandemic hit, we’ve seen a real increase in interest at the corporate level in terms of workplace happiness and wellbeing – organizations are finally starting to understand that teams with happy and healthy employees are more successful. So having Alex join our Board and support us during this time of unprecedented growth and as our global Partner Network really starts to gain momentum just makes so much sense. Plus, he’s a pretty fun guy to have on your team!”