Fennande van der Meulen

Co-founder Happy Office (Netherlands)


Fennande is co-founder of Happy Office (2015) and co-author of The Happy Office Manifesto, the four pillars of a happy workculture and co-creator of the International Week of Happiness at Work and has 30 years of experience in Strategic Marketing and Communications. She is, together with Maartje, a pioneer in the field of Happiness at Work in the Netherlands and has a university degree of the ROI of Happiness at Erasmus University. She is strongly driven by other’s success: ‘if a trainee is able to make a change in her or his company, I am happy’, she says. Her keynotes and workshops are highly interactive and inspirational.

Areas of expertise

Happiness at Work
Positive work culture
Mindset and Behavioural Change
Psychological Safety and Ownership

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