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Practical Steps for More Positive Workplaces

How to boost wellbeing and productivity for you and your teams

Join the Mini Summit Happiness at Work on 12/12/2023

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Why this summit?

Practical steps for more positive workplaces. In this seminar we discuss how to boost wellbeing and productivity for you and your teams, in a less than perfect world, from different perspectives. Woohoo Unlimited have teamed up with other industry experts, to help you create a more positive working environment where people can do their best work. We all know that people with a positive outlook are better for your business, they stay longer, are more creative and productive, provide better service to your clients and take fewer sick days. What you need to know is how to get them there?

These are challenging times, we get that. Happiness at work may seem a long way off, unrealistic or even insensitive. We will be taking a pragmatic view and together we will ask, what can you do to nudge the culture and atmosphere in your organisations in a more positive and collaborative direction? When things get tough, it is more important than ever for leaders to focus on supporting and engaging with their team members. 

Check out our speakers here!

Maartje Fennande Woohoo Happiness at work

10.15 CET

5 Crucial Steps for an Effective Happiness at Work Strategy

Maartje Jansen & Fennande van der Meulen, Woohoo Unlimited & Happy Office

Science has shown many times that Happiness at Work is not a luxury but a necessity to survive as an organisation. Especcially in these turbulent times. What are the Practical Steps for More Positive Workplaces that you can take? What does it take to become happier at work yourself? And what can you do on the team and organisational level? How do you boost performance? In this webinar we talk about what Happiness at Work and what it isn’t, what the role of leaders in a happy workplace is, and how you build a positive work culture where people can thrive. After this webinar you know the five crucial steps to build a sustainable, effective workplace happiness strategy. What are the first steps? How do you get people on board.



… are you worried about the level of absenteism and presenteism?

… do you feel that no matter how many new people you recruit, they continue to just walk away?

… does the level of burn-outs in your organisation stress you out?

… are you scared to bring up the topic of Happiness at Work because you think people might find it fluffy?

Or do you just not know where to start?

Then join this live webinar where we will provide you with all the answers! There is room to answer your questions too!

About Maartje and Fennande

It is our mission to make Happiness at Work the norm and not the exception. We help organisations build positive work cultures and train people how to be happier themselves, how they can help their team become happier and how to change workculture. We founded Happy Office in 2015 and joined the Woohoo Partnership since 2016. Since 2023 we are the managing partners of the network. Our training on Happiness at Work is available online from January 2024.

Isobel Summit Positive Workplaces

11.15 CET

Sixty Minutes to Save Your Sanity – A practical guide to avoiding burnout for individuals and leaders

Isobel Colson, Get Going Coaching

Is your head spinning? Are you trying to do too much? How overwhelmed do you feel by your workload and responsibilities? Do you find yourself at the centre of every decision and action that needs to happen in your team or organisation? Are you well aware of the need to take care of yourself but struggling to find time?


In this sixty minute interactive workshop, we will have a look at the causes and impact of burnout and how to spot the signs in ourselves and others. We will look at some practical steps you can take to help yourself and your team members.


Then we will look at the alternative leadership approach of building trust and encouraging decision making capabilities deeper in the organisation. This approach is more rewarding for your team members and better for your business. It also reduces the intolerable pressure that can drive leaders to either burn out or step down.


Our goal in this session is to inspire you with the possibility of working in a new way. We will encourage you to adapt your working and leadership style to one that is more sustainable for you, supporting your physical and emotional health.


By the end of this session you will have:

  • A list of the signals of burnout that you can look for in yourself and others.

  • Ideas for how you can work more sustainably.

  • A high level understanding of this alternative leadership approach.

  • Some ideas of how to get started.

About Isobel Colson

I am on a mission to help overwhelmed and overworked leaders to find a way to work that is better for them, their teams and their businesses. I strongly believe that work should not take more from us than it gives and that we all have the potential to improve our working experience. 

I have been leading and coaching; designing and delivering training programmes for over thirty years in a corporate environment. In the last decade I have moved into the area of cultural change, happiness at work and progressive organisations. 

I am fascinated by what it takes for us as individuals to do our best work and how team culture can be developed to facilitate this.

I am currently co-delivering an apprenticeship course at CXO level for the UK based Happy Limited. I am also working with various companies to help them create a more positive working environment in which their talented team members can do their best work.

Katie Summit Positive Workplaces

12.30 CET

Leveraging the Science of Happiness at Work to Boost Performance

Katie Demain, iOpener Institute

In this session, Katie Demain from iOpener Institute will present compelling evidence that it pays to invest in your employees’ happiness. Research findings are clear: happier employees are more productive, which improves an organisation’s bottom line. Your happiest employees are 65% more energised at work, spend twice as much time on-task, and intend to stay in their job 4 times longer, according to research by iOpener Institute.

But what does being happy at work actually mean? Why is happiness considered the antidote to poor performance? Should workforce happiness be on your agenda in the current tough economic climate? What does making happy employees mean in real terms for business leaders and managers?

This session will bring you up to speed with all aspects behind workforce happiness: its theory, its value and its challenges, both for managers, teams and individuals. You will also learn some practical solutions that you can implement straight away within your team or organisation.

To get even more value from this session, you can register to take your own personal Happiness at Work assessment here. The assessment takes just 10 minutes to fill out and upon completion you will instantly receive a personalised report including self-coaching questions to help you improve your happiness at work

About iOpener Institute

iOpener is an Oxford-born consultancy that helps make leadership, learning and life better. In the early 2000s, iOpener embarked on a quest to understand the tangible links between happiness at work and performance. Its worldwide, robust research culminated in The Science of Happiness at Work, offering individuals and organisations a way to measure happiness at work, a model to bring it to life and a methodology for making positive shifts happen.


About Katie Demain, Consultant, Change Expert and Coach

Katie is Global Partner at iOpener Institute. With a background in journalism, Katie spent many years leading teams of journalists to countries to compile economic reports for media outlets such as The Economist, Newsweek, USA Today and Sunday Observer. In doing so, she moved from country to country, visited thousands of organisations and interviewed their leaders. She was thus able to formulate her own understanding of happy organisational cultures and effectiveness, which in turn shaped her interest in becoming an expert in the Science of Happiness at Work. Now, as a Learning & Development Consultant and Executive Coach, Katie works with organisations and business schools worldwide to turn up people’s happiness dials and to help them achieve their potential.

Summit Practical Steps for More Positive Workplaces

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Who is Woohoo Unlimited?

Woohoo Unlimited and the Woohoo Community is led by Maartje Jansen and Fennande van der Meulen from the Netherlands. They are also the founders of Happy Office (in 2015), they train Happiness at Work experts in how to enhance happiness in organisations and build Positive Work culture. Their book The Happy Office Manifesto is published in the Netherlands and in the USA. Maartje and Fennande are also the initiators of the International Week of Happiness at Work, that is celebrated in over 50 countries

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