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Speakers and Program 2023 International Week of Happiness at Work

This year we have a lot of great speakers that join us during the international Week of Happiness at Work for a Live Webinar or a pre-recorded interview. Plus some golden oldies that you do not want to miss.

Do you want access to all of these interviews, video’s, cheatsheets and exercises? For only €17 (ex VAT) you get access for three Months. So start today by learning from the Experts in Happiness at Work.

Happy Office

Who is Woohoo Unlimited?

Woohoo Unlimited and the Woohoo Community is led by Maartje Jansen and Fennande van der Meulen from the Netherlands. They are also the founders of Happy Office (in 2016), they train Happiness at Work experts in how to enhance happiness in organisations and build Positive Work culture. Their book The Happy Office Manifesto is published in the Netherlands and in the USA. Maartje and Fennande are also the initiators of the International Week of Happiness at Work, that is celebrated in over 50 countries

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