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Since 2003, we have trained hundreds of awesome people worldwide through our Happiness at Work Academy (Certified Chief Happiness Officer Woohoo Unlimited)

Offered both in-person as well as online, this highly immersive Happiness at Work Academy by Woohoo Unlimited will give you everything you need to successfully create lasting, positive change within the workplace. You’ll get an in-depth understanding in the science and theory of happiness at work, hear from leading organizations on how they’ve implemented workplace happiness programs, and learn how to use this in your own business.

This training is for you if…

  • Your organization is struggling with employee engagement, low morale, lack of social connectedness, or the wider challenges brought about by COVID-19 and other changes in the workplace
  • you are an HR professional, manager, internal facilitators or employee who want to gain the knowledge and tools to make their organization happier and healthier
  • you are an external consultant who wants to help their clients to create a happy, healthy workplace

Practical stuff

The next 100% online training with bi-weekly live check-ins on zoom starts mid June 2024 (more info below)

The next 100% live and in person Academy will be held in Prague, 11, 12, 13 October.  After the Academy you can join the Woohoo Community Meet-up on October 14 and the Happiness at Work Conference on 15 October. (we will arrange a discount for you ;-))


Increase Happiness at Work for Yourself, Your Team, and the Organization

With this online Woohoo Certified Happiness at Work training, you have all the relevant knowledge and tools to work as a happiness at work expert within your organization or with your clients. After completing this training, you will understand how to enhance your own job satisfaction, how to work with happiness at work in a team, and how to ‘implement’ happiness at work in an organization. You will work on three levels: personal leadership, team, and organizational culture.

The culture of an organization greatly influences people’s behavior. If you want your interventions to have a lasting effect, if you want to systematically increase happiness at work in your organization, it is crucial to understand and influence the culture and behavior. These topics therefore play a significant role in this in-depth and unique training.

You will be trained by Maartje and Fennande, experts in the field who have been working in this profession for almost 10 years and have earned their stripes by being hands-on in the field every day.


After completing the Woohoo Certified Happiness at Work Expert-training, you will know:

  • What happiness at work is and what it is not.
  • Why happiness at work is important (especially now).
  • What myths exist about happiness at work.
  • The pillars of happiness at work.
  • The difference between happiness at work and job satisfaction.
  • How to systematically increase your own happiness at work.
  • Who is responsible for happiness at work.
  • Ownership: what it is and how to increase it.
  • How to choose your own mindset necessary to experience more joy and fulfillment.
  • Effectively changing behavior: how to do it.
  • How to get your team on board in increasing your collective happiness at work.
  • Practical interventions to apply in a team.
  • How to analyze and improve the culture in the team and organization.
  • Which interventions sustainably change a culture.

Completed all modules of the Happiness at Work Academy by Woohoo Unlimited? Congratulations! You are now a Woohoo Certified Happiness at Work Expert. You will receive a certificate.


How does the Online Happiness at Work Academy by Woohoo Unlimited work?

This online training consists of 8 modules. A new module becomes available every week. You can work through the module at your own pace and have a year from the start to complete everything. The modules include videos and individual assignments. Various working methods are covered during the lessons, methods that you can use both online and offline. In the learning environment, you will also find cheat sheets, additional reading tips, and background information, as well as extra interviews with various experts where they share their stories or give a glimpse into their organization. By engaging in conversations with them, we bring multiple perspectives to light, giving you as a participant a broad view of happiness at work. Additionally, you will hear how other organizations have tackled the topic. What worked, what didn’t, and why? A step-by-step guide on how we work with our clients, plus the slide deck from a one-hour workshop, is included in the training. So, you can get started right away after completing the training. Plus, you gain access to our community of Happiness at Work Experts, where you can exchange experiences and ideas. You wil have access to all the modules and be part of the Woohoo Community for a full year.

The training is individual, and you complete the assignments at your convenience. We advise you to approach the assignments with attention. Anyone can read a book. Knowledge can be acquired anywhere, but applying it has value.


Together with Others

Of course, there are more people taking this training and those who have already completed it. Because you can learn a lot from other participants, we recommend connecting with them via the community so that you can also collaborate.


Intensive guidance

You will receive intensive guidance for four months from one of the trainers. Every two weeks, there is an hour available to ask all your questions, test ideas, and discuss your plan.


From Inspiration to Action

We believe it’s essential that you learn a lot during the Happiness at Work Academy, but most importantly, that you put it into practice. Therefore, a crucial part of the training is creating a plan for what you will do with what you have learned. It can be a plan for yourself, your team, or the organization. Make it as concrete as possible. Insight and inspiration are enjoyable, but action is better, as we always say. In the Community you can discuss your plans with your peers as well.